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Your Genesis physician serves as your first point of contact for all of your health concerns and helps you navigate the complex Ontario Health Care System. 

At Genesis, our clients are never more than a few minutes away from the urgent attention they need. Your Genesis physician remains on call for urgent health problems 24/7, throughout the year.

For non-urgent medical concerns, you have same-day access to the attention you need from your Genesis physician.

You will be given your Genesis physician’s personal phone number. Your Genesis physician is available by phone call or text. And, depending on the situation, may do a house call.

Your Genesis physician will become your personal advocate to ensure that you are referred to appropriate, excellent, and well-respected specialists. 

Your Genesis physician ensures that your medical concerns & details do not slip through the cracks.

Genesis was built on the premise of providing boutique, personalized, individual-focused care.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

“I had a couple friends who were long-time members at Genesis, and decided to finally sign up on their recommendation with Dr. Brown because I was tired of seeing doctors that rush you in and rush you out. She always listens to my concerns and really cares for her patients.”

“Dr. Lichtman is always available to answer my medical concerns whether in town or traveling abroad. I can count on her guidance and medical advice whenever and wherever needed. I am very fortunate to be her patient.”

“Dr. Schwartz is the best diagnostician I know and the most caring doctor. She has helped so many people in my family and is always available for advice. I can’t think of a more passionate, smart, and caring doctor.”

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How Genesis Began

Dr. Sharla Lichtman and Dr. Rochelle Schwartz have been part of the Genesis Professional Group since its inception in 2001.

In the mid 1990s Dr. Lichtman and Dr. Schwartz  recognized that it was becoming increasingly challenging to provide medical care to their patients as the Ontario healthcare system began to experience radical changes and healthcare cutbacks with a focus on the bottom dollar rather than quality healthcare.

In an attempt to advocate for their patients and the healthcare system they became politically active and founded the Coalition of Family Physicians of Ontario.

From 1996-2000, with a backing of a 4000 family physician membership they worked tirelessly to try to effect positive changes for healthcare and the practice of family medicine. After 4 years of persistent pressure on their medical associations and the government and a regular presence in the media, it became clear to them that their energy and efforts would be better served by doing what they could do best-caring for people in a model that enabled them to practice  personally focused, quality preventative healthcare.

Genesis Professional Group has now grown to include five physicians who all share the same values and deep commitment and  dedication to their

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